Albert v0.16.1 released
31 Dec 2018

  • [albert] Fix default plugin lookup path
  • [albert] Fix flicker when changing frontends
  • [albert] Fix “Terminal option resets after a restart”
  • [albert] Link libglobalshortcut statically
  • [albert] Add a build flag for QtCharts
  • [albert] Drop debug options if favor of QLoggingCategory env vars
  • [plugins:ssh] Fix input regex. Sort by length then… Read full post.

Albert v0.16.0 released
28 Dec 2018



  • Add jekyll website as submodule
  • New project structure
  • Derive albert version from CMake project
  • Let travis build against Ubuntu 18.04 and 16.04
  • Backward compatibility for Ubuntu 16.04
  • Build without QtCharts if Qt version below 5.6
  • Let fuzzy require an additional character. Tolerance: floor((wordlen - 1)/3))
  • Read full post.

Albert v0.15.0 released
16 Dec 2018

This release increases the required versions of the dependencies to Qt 5.9 this means that some distributions will not be supported anymore.

Major changes:

  • Fancy usage graph in the settings
  • QML frontend: History search of the input now allows substring matching (Type and navigate)
  • QML frontend: Store user input… Read full post.

Albert v0.14.22 released
21 Sep 2018

This is mostly a fix release. Telemetry is now opt-in. Some new themes and the Pidgin python extension were added.

Check the git log for details.

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