Albert 0.14.15 released
26 Jan 2018

This release contains the latest fixes and new Python extensions:

  • CoinMarketCap. Quickly view/access coins/tokens on
  • Trash extension. Adds an item that opens the trash bin in the file manager.
  • Pomodoro extension. Tool to apply the focus and flow enhancing technique.
  • Epoch extension. Simply shows current or translates… Read full post.

Albert 0.14.14 released
06 Dec 2017

This release contains the latest fixes and a new npm Python extension (Again credits go to Benedict Dudel :+1:)

Check the git log for details.

Albert 0.14.13 released
25 Nov 2017

This release introduces rich text for item texts. Extensions using the offline index do not use it yet, since computing the matching substring is a bit more involved.

The TermAction now has a new option to set the behavior when the process exited. (Close, Close on success, Don not close).

… Read full post.

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