If you found here, you are probably thinking about donating some bucks for the development of your favorite keyboard launcher 😉. That’s great! It makes me happy to know that people are grateful for what I do and I highly appreciate that you are thinking about a donation. Thank you ❤️

  • SEPA wire transfer:

    Please leave a mail. Regular wire transfer in the euro area is free of any fees.

  • GitHub sponsorship:

    Visit my GitHub Sponsors page. GitHub Sponsors does not charge any fees ℹ️.

  • Liberapay:

    Visit the Liberapay donation page. Liberapay does not take a cut of payments ℹ️.

  • Crypto currency:

    BTC: bc1qr4jl6jwwhuv6gtu5e0lg2r5wq45y75ulw2sfr3

    ETH: 0xb4c2ed5ee122341a7f271342c5c2a61263d37357

    Please leave a mail for others. Crypto currency transaction fees vary but are usually low.

  • Binance Pay:

    Pay ID: 182308541

    Binance does not charge any fees.

Other services

  • PayPal:

    High fixed fees of 0.35€ make small transactions expensive (e.g. 1€ has a 0.38€ fee) ℹ️. If you want to use PayPal, click here.

  • Patreon:

    High relative fee: 5% platform, 5% payment, ~4% PayPal conversion fees. If you want to use Patreon, click here.