Albert v0.19.3 released


  • [md] Use content if long description is a file path
  • Use both, extension and item id, as icon cache key
  • Add standard pixmaps support to iconprovider
  • Workaround terminator bug #702


  • [wbm] Add Nord theme
  • [calc] Respect LC_*
  • [chromium] Fix filewatcher does not watch bookmarks
  • [wbm] Do not exit on missing themes
  • [wbm] Use generic placeholder color for input hint
  • [app:xdg] Add exec key option. Also exclude ‘env’ in exec keys.
  • [wbm] Fix clipped label
  • [WBM] fix open theme file action
  • [files] Provide trash item
  • [wbm] Fix list view height margins


  • [trash] Drop. Provided by files plugin now.

Check the GitHub repositories for details.