Albert v0.17.0 released


  • Again break init order of Item for the sake of less boilerplate. Presumed this frequency indexStrings > actions > completion > urgency.
  • Let shells handle splitting/quoting
  • Add core as QueryHandler. Add restart, quit, settings action. Also to tray and cli.
  • Drop shutil:: and let shells handle lexing


  • New extension state : MissingDependencies
  • Disable settings items of exts in this new state
  • Use pybind v2.6.1
  • [term] v1.1 Let shells handle lexing
  • [calc] Add muparserInt option for hex calculations
  • Use QLoggingCategory in all extensions
  • Implicit dependency check for executables and Python modules
  • [Pyv1.3] Adopt core changes. PyAPIv0.4. Changes to the API:
    • embedded module is called ‘albert’ now
    • Reflect core api changes:
      • Positional arguments of the standard item changes
      • New semantics of the term action constructors
        • String commandline will be executed in a shell
        • StringList commandline will be executed without shell
    • Add core version of iconLookup(StringList)
    • New metadata labels:
      • version: new versioning scheme iid_maj.iid_min.ext_version
      • title: former prettyname
      • authors: string or list
      • exec_deps: string or list
      • py_deps: string or list
      • triggers: string or list
    • Allow multiple triggers
    • Allow multiple authors


  • Adpot APIv0.4 changes
  • [locate] ‘ for basename ‘’ for full path lookups
  • [timer] Make notification stay.
  • [baseconv] Python-style base prefixes to detect source base
  • [texdoc] Add texdoc plugin
  • [aur] add yay helper

Check the GitHub repositories for details.