Albert v0.16.0 released



  • Add jekyll website as submodule
  • New project structure
  • Derive albert version from CMake project
  • Let travis build against Ubuntu 18.04 and 16.04
  • Backward compatibility for Ubuntu 16.04
  • Build without QtCharts if Qt version below 5.6
  • Let fuzzy require an additional character. Tolerance: floor((wordlen - 1)/3))
  • Print logging category to stdout [not all plugins support it yet]


  • [Python] Use ast to read metadata without loading the modules
  • [Term] Change terminal action order: Let “Run w/o term” be the last one
  • [VBox] Set default build switch for VirtualBox to OFF
  • [Files] Add fancy icons to mime dialog


  • Additional constraint: Metadata have to be string literals (for ast)
  • Additional constraint: Name modules according PEP8
  • [WinSwitch] Add close win action
  • [VBox] Add VirtualBox extension

Further the release contains minor changes and fixes.

Check the git log for details.