Albert v0.12.0 released

Albert v0.12.0 finally comes with the capability of git-like ignore files. There have been ignore files in the versions before, but they only supported wildcard matching the filename. The ignores in v0.12.0 now support relative patterns by prefixing the pattern with a slash. This way users can define global excludes. Further the wildcard character * now behaves like in git ignore files by matching all characters but slashes. For wildcard matching including slashes use the double asterisks **. Further files excluded by loose patterns can be included again by prefixing the pattern by prefixing the pattern with !. For more details and caveats check the docs on the files extension.

The websearch extension got some attention too: The settings UI is now much more comfortable. The list now supports drag and drop and the search engines are now edited using a dedicated dialog.

A minor change has been made to the terminal extension: The default action now launches in a shell without terminal.

As always check the git log for details.