As you would expect from a launcher, the main use case is to type a query into an input box and finally to interact with some sort of results. Actually there is not much more Albert allows you to do - triggering things. No more, no less.

For reference the following table lists all keys you can use to control Albert (v0.18):

Key Action
Esc Hide Albert.
Ctrl/⌘ Command mode. H,J,K,L,N,P to navigate. O to activate.
Alt/⌥ Action mode. Hold to activate alternative actions.
Meta/⌃ Fallback mode. Hold to use fallback items.
Shift History search mode. Note that unsing only works as well if the first item is selected. Command mode applies in this mode too.
Tab Activate input action of the selected item (evaluation, completion, etc).
,Enter Activate item.
Open settings window.
Navigation in item lists.
Alt+F4 Quit Albert (Depends on settings).