Albert 0.11.0 released

Albert v0.11.0 is all about the files extension. The new release finally allows a fine-grained control of the MIME types to be indexed by the files extension. In the settings of the files extension the Advanced button in the Indexed MIME types group box opens a dialog which allows the user to set wildcard patterns that are used to match against the MIME types of the indexed files. Hopefully this is a partial solution for #1 for some of you too.

Extensions can now have multiple triggers. An example of multiple triggers is the files extension: A prefix of / or ~ triggers the files extension in browse mode.

The sorting algorithm is now stable. This means that items that are equal regarding their sorting order are now displayed in the order they were added to the results.

Based on this the browse mode now lists the results in lexicographical order with directories before the files.

Additionally the use of fallbacks have been disabled for triggered queries. The rationale behind this decision is that the user implicitly tells that he want something special, not a general fallback.

All of the changes above make the files browse mode extremely convenient and clutter free.

Further the websearch extension now contains an URL handler. Valid URLs are recognized as such if it contains a top- and second level domain, e.g. The top level domain has to be one of the ones registered by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

Last but not least the qss property selection-color works as expected now.

As always check the git log for details.