Albert 0.10 released

Albert v0.10 introduces tab completion using the Tab key. This allows extensions to suggest a completion text for the input box. An example: You type 2+2 into the box. When you select the calculator item and press complete the equation in the input box resolves to the result 4. The alternative actions have moved to the Alt key, which has to be hold to show the alternative actions. The default fallback is now on Meta.

Hovering over the input box the mouse wheel can now be used to browse the history, exactly the way you are used to it with Ctrl+.

Further there is a new group of themes, the Spotlight themes, which come in three flavors: Bright, Dark and Space (Gray with Blue accent).


Albert v0.10 ships with two new extensions, MPRIS and a rudimentary ssh extension. Check their documentation for more details.

The terminal extension now provides the shell aliases too.

Further the files extension provides now a way to browse through paths that are not indexed. Queries that begin with either / or ~/ are interpreted as a beginning of a path and the extension lists the files in this directory. In combination with the tab completions this is a nice way to browse the file system.

The application extension allows now to ignore the OnlyShowIn and NotShowIn keys in the desktop entries.

For developers: The bash script to clone the template extension is now deprecated and replaced by a Python script.

Check the git log for details.